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when a singer actually has an accent in a song you have to sing with that accent it’s just a rule ok


I just want to be lying next to you with my arms around your waist and my head on your chest saying nothing, doing nothing.


Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.


How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you

Me:  dad, what are we doing tonight?
Dad:  I'm going to my fiancée's for the evening
Me:  dad, what are we doing tomorrow morning?
Dad:  I'm going to watch my fiancée's son play football
Me:  dad, what are we doing tomorrow afternoon?
Dad:  I'm viewing a house with my fiancée
Me:  dad, what are we doing tomorrow evening?
Dad:  I'm going over my fiancée's for dinner
Me:  dad, have you bought my prom dress or booked my doctor's appointment?
Dad:  no, not everything's got to be about you, you're so inconsiderate of other people and rude